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VANSONIC, located in Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhejiang Province, is an advanced manufacturing enterprise integrating the research, development, production and sales of various types of automobile loudspeakers and related equipment.VANSONIC has a professional technical development team. The research and development team has been engaged in acoustic and structural research for more than 20 years, and has accumulated a wealth of technical development experience and achievements. It has developed more than 200 new products, and has been granted more than 10 utility model patents. The company has been rated as a national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise and a science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise in Zhejiang Province.

At present, the company is expected to become a T1 second-tier supplier (professional level). In the front clothing market, it is seeking to reach cooperative relations with well-known brand manufacturers such as Harman, Pioneer and Yamaha. In the aftermarket, it has provided many series of high and medium range automotive speakers, cables, accessories, component kits and other products for the United States and Europe (JL AUDIO, DS18, CT SOUNDS, KICKER) for many years, meeting the needs of customers for different products.

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Product Application Introduction

Application examples of car speakers

Research Direction

1.Composite edge material
1-1. Rubber edge: NBR/SBR/EPDM/IIR/Q;
1-2. Foam edge: polyester foam, polyether foam, high Foam (waterproof or not waterproof);
1-3. Selvage: non-scraping, single-sided scraping, doublesided scraping;
1-4. PU edge: hardness 80-95 degrees;
1-5. Paper edge: non-woven paper, non-woven fabric;
1-6. Esmaebian: polyurethane resin material;
1-7. TPE side: Sanduping thermoplastic elastomer, blistered.Type or injection molding.

2.TPE side composite sound basin

2-1. Adopt American Sanduping TPV elastomer through sheet blistering or granulation.
2-2. TPV has good elasticity, low density and strong
2-3. It is characterized by high degree of hardness and excellent performance compared with NBR and other rubber edges.
2-4. High and low temperature resistance, good UV resistance and aging resistance

2-5. Chemical performance, suitable for high-power speakers, outdoor speakers

2-6. Yacht horn, etc.

3.Cone material
3-1. Paper cone: ordinary paper cone, foam paper cone, biological fiber Ceramic fiber, mica and other doped paper cones, drying paper cones RPM paper cone;
3-2. PP cone: blister, injection molding, injection foaming PP;
3-3. Metal cone: aluminum cone (oxidation treatment, spraying various colors of paint Treatment), titanium cone, magnesium cone;
3-4. Weaving cone: glass fiber, bulletproof fiber weaving, carbon fiber,Braided PP, braided PE;
3-5. PMI cone: PMI foam is compounded with glass fiber/paper cone;
3-6. Honeycomb cone: NOMEX paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb;

3-7. Composite cone: paper/aluminum, paper/woven material, paper/PMI 

Between braids;

3-8. Sandwich structure cone: EPP sandwich;

Laboratory and testing equipment

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