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  • The principle and function of the 12-inch car audio woofer is to enhance the bass response of the car audio system by vibrating the air to generate low-frequency sound waves. This speaker consists of a circular diaphragm, an electric coil and a permanent magnet.


  • You can choose speakers according to the characteristics of your favorite music. If you like to listen to sound quality, you can choose a speaker with outstanding sound quality, or you can choose a brand according to your own budget. Let's learn about the purchasing skills of car audio speakers.


  • VANSONIC is a leading electronics manufacturer specializing in car audio and other relevant equipment in the city of Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China. On the beginning of June,Our factory successfully build the Klippel Test Room,which use the best advanced investment for test car audio speakers, and we promise to provide our customers for best quality car audio speakers.


  • Car audio modification, in Europe, the United States, Japan and so on has been very mature, in foreign countries, car audio modification is by..


  • Sound system, at least to include the following points, to qualify as sound, this point any sound system is certainly, car audio is no exception.