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How to choose car audio speakers?


Car audio speakers are also called car speakers. They play a huge role in the entire car audio system. It can even affect the style of the entire audio system. So how to choose a car audio speaker? You can choose speakers according to the characteristics of your favorite music. If you like to listen to sound quality, you can choose a speaker with outstanding sound quality, or you can choose a brand according to your own budget. Let's learn about the purchasing skills of car audio speakers.

1. How to choose car audio speakers

The host, power amplifier and speakers constitute the most important part of the car audio system. The host is like the human brain. What kind of sound to make must be controlled by the brain. The loudspeaker is like a human voice. Whether the sound is sweet or not depends on its voice. The function of the horn is to convert the audio electrical signal into an acoustic signal and radiate it to the surrounding air medium. The cone design is the most common car horn, because the cone design can expand the effective area of the diaphragm as much as possible when the installation position in the car is limited, and the effective area of the diaphragm determines the low frequency response of the speaker. .

According to the purpose, the speaker can be divided into four types: full frequency, low frequency, intermediate frequency and high frequency. It can also be divided into electric type, electromagnetic type, piezoelectric type, electrostatic type and flat type according to the form of energy conversion. Car speakers are mainly electric type.

A full-range speaker is a coaxial speaker. Its low-frequency unit and high-frequency unit are designed on the same axis, with the low frequency on the outside and high frequency on the inside, but the sound point is at the same physical location. This design can eliminate the sound drift caused by the different frequency ranges of the high-frequency and low-frequency units, but because the high-frequency and low-frequency units are emitted from one point, the distortion of the tone is relatively large.

The frequency division speaker is divided into 2 frequency division and 3 frequency division. Because each unit is responsible for a different frequency, the effective range of the frequency is broadened, thereby solving the problem of timbre distortion. However, in daily life, the sound we hear is basically emitted from one point, and the frequency emitted by each unit of the crossover speaker is different, and the physical location of the installation is different. In this way, the phenomenon of sound drift will appear.

In addition, although the high and low frequency units are responsible for different frequencies, there must be a critical point, so that if the same frequency is emitted at different positions, sound wave interference will occur. To solve these difficulties, it is necessary to use the function of the frequency divider. As the name suggests, the frequency divider is to separate different frequencies and send them to different speaker units. Of course, its function is not only this, it also needs to be properly adjusted according to the characteristics of the speaker to reduce distortion and interference.

Purchase suggestion

1. Choose a car audio speaker according to the characteristics of your favorite music: if you like to listen to sound quality, choose a speaker with outstanding sound quality; if you like to play big dynamic music, you should choose a speaker with a large diameter and a heavy bass.

2. Choose the brand according to your own budget: There are many speaker brands on the market at present, and the prices are also different. The products of big brands are of good quality, but the price is expensive. Specifically, you can choose a car audio speaker according to your own conditions.