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How to choose Car Audio Cable?


Speaker wire is a wire specifically used to connect amplifiers and speakers in audio equipment. When choosing a car speaker wire, we need to know the actual power of the "power amplifier", the main materials used in the power cord conductor, the "actual square number" of the "wire", and a simple calculation of whether the wire and power amplifier are matched. Depending on the thickness of the speaker wire, you can choose multiple oxygen-free copper heating Car Audio Cable with a cross-sectional area of approximately 2.5-4 mm2. Next, this article will briefly introduce how to choose a car speaker wire and how thick it is. If you are curious, click here to take a look! 1. How to choose Car Audio Cable

1. Before choosing the power cord, we first need to know the actual power of the "power amplifier". This needs to be asked clearly when purchasing the "power amplifier", because the product descriptions on the packaging of many power amplifiers are not accurate data at all, and even have very large errors. big.

2. The main materials used for power cord conductors on the market now are OFC pure copper and copper-clad aluminum materials. Generally, cars use 12V power supply. Of course, there are also high-power cars that use 24V power supply (such as container trucks and other high-power supplies). Generators also use 24V power supply) The best choice must be the most suitable wire, which will not waste costs and can fully meet the requirements of the equipment.

3. Generally, we only need to choose Car Audio Cable that are slightly larger or just right in power than the "power amplifier". If we use 0# wire to match a 350W power amplifier, it will be overkill and a waste of cost. On the contrary, use a 10# cable to match a 1000W power amplifier. In that case, either the cable will be burned out, the equipment will be burned out, or the fuse will be blown out.

4. Of course, when we buy Car Audio Cable, we also need to ask a clear question, which is the "actual square number" of the "wire". We don't care how many Car Audio Cable or copper Car Audio Cable it has in the power cord, as long as we know the square number of its cross-section. That's it. Domestic manufacturers generally do not make products according to international standards. They generally produce according to the requirements of the orderer, and of course this is also considered from an economic point of view.

5. You need to simply calculate whether the Car Audio Cable and amplifier are compatible. For example: the international standard square number of 8# pure copper wire is 8.36 square meters, but our actual production is based on 7.5 square meters, or smaller. Then we calculate how much power amplifier 7.5 square meters of wire can drive: 7.5/8.36* 650W (previous table query) = 580W. In this way we can clearly know what kind of wire should be matched.

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