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Introduction and composition of car audio.

Sound system, at least to include the following points, to qualify as sound, this point any sound system is certainly, car audio is no exception.
1. Software and media;
2. Sound source;
3. Pre-signal control;
4. Power amplification mechanism;
5. Loudspeaker;

6. Transmission mechanism.

Although the audio equipment for the car, just a kind of auxiliary equipment, the running performance of the car has no effect. However, as people's demand for enjoyment becomes higher and higher, automobile manufacturers also pay more and more attention to the audio equipment of cars, and it is used as one of the bases to evaluate the comfort of cars.

Car audio is in a very complex environment, it is at any time by the car engine ignition device and a variety of electrical and electrical interference, especially all electrical equipment on the car with a battery, but also through the power line and other lines to sound interference. The anti-interference technology of vehicle audio respectively adopts choke coil string to filter the interference of power line between the power supply and the sound, adopts metal shell to seal and shield the interference of space radiation, and specially installs anti-interference integrated circuit in the sound to reduce the interference of external noise.

The composition of car audio:


Car audio source. The host includes only RADIO receiving function RADIO host, radio and MP3 host, CD host, MP3 and CD disc box, CD and navigation host and CD/DVD/ car MP5 host, DVD player and so on.


A vehicle audio unit that converts electrical energy into sound waves. These include treble, alto, bass and subwoofer speakers.

Power amplifier: 

Power amplifier is a power amplifier. The most basic device in a sound system is the amplifier, whose job is to amplify weak electrical signals from a signal source (or, in professional audio systems, the mixing console) to drive the sound through speakers.

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