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Car audio modification technology.

Car audio modification, in Europe, the United States, Japan and so on has been very mature, in foreign countries, car audio modification is by audio experienced professional companies to refit.

Most of the original audio systems of imported cars produced in China are OEM supporting products (domestic production) provided by well-known brand audio manufacturers, such as "Guangzhou Honda" for Japanese Pioneer Company, "FAW Hainan Mazda" for Alpe, and "Shanghai Volkswagen" and "FAW Volkswagen" for VDO of Huizhou Central Europe. Panasonic provides audio systems for Audi and Quetzalcoa, while Philips does more for car audio equipment. Although these brands of car audio is not top, but before the factory after experts precise debugging, sound effects can meet the general requirements, and for higher requirements of the owner, we must try to refit.

At present, the domestic car audio modification, most are located in the car supplies and car beauty decoration shop, as the operation is the lack of audio experience and audio knowledge of the small workers, only with the brand and price of equipment to the owner of the publicity, so that the owner is not familiar with the audio is mistaken for this is the whole content of the car audio modification.

Some modified audio, its effect and equipment performance not only did not get normal play, and even damaged the original car electrical system, leaving a hidden danger to the owner of the future safety, many experts pointed out that the key to modify car audio is to see if you can effectively debug, most of the time, effective debugging is more important than the brand.

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